This is one of the most common questions, we, as a boutique get asked.

You will find various timelines with regards to when is the right time to start dress shopping, with many quoting the ‘norm’ as 12 – 18 months before the wedding. As a timeline this is fair, however the number one criteria for when to start is quite simply,

When you are prepared to make a decision on your dress


Many brides think it is a good idea to go dress shopping ‘for ideas’ – IT ISN’T. The reason for this is you may just fall in love with a dress, but in your head you were just looking for ideas and you’re not ready to ‘say yes to the dress’ so you take the notes and leave your dream dress in the shop. When you are ready to make that decision, you return and there is every likelihood that your dress has gone to the bridal scrapyard in the sky – in other words, it has been discontinued and cannot be ordered. This happens very regularly and at all different times of the year, depending on each shop’s designers. We have no say in this and often only get a couple of weeks notice.

It has happened so many times and brides have been in tears, don’t let this be you!

Shopping Around

You may also be concerned that you haven’t looked around enough and that there might be something better out there – THERE ISN’T. If you have truly fallen in love with your dress, you will simply go to other shops looking, essentially for that dress or ‘something very similar’ – WHY? You’ve found it.

You may fall in love with your dress in the very first shop, or it may take weeks or even months before you ‘know’ it’s the one.

Be careful of going to too many shops or you could end up with ‘Bridal snow blindness’ where everything merges into one, and you genuinely can’t remember one dress from the next. If this happens, take time out, clear your head of dresses for a few weeks, then select your favourite two boutqiues to re-visit.

As we always say, when you found your fiancé and knew he / she was the one, you didn’t continue shopping around did you? It should be the same with your dress


Weddings are expensive, period! You may have just shelled out a chunky deposit on a venue and other things and think you need to pay for your wedding dress upfront – YOU DON’T.

We offer a booking deposit scheme whereby a £200 deposit will secure your dress (and there won’t be the tears if it is discontinued as we will get you in and get it ordered) You need to make up the deposit to 50% when your measurements are taken and the remaining 50% isn’t due until the dress arrives some 5 months later.

We also offer the option of paying monthly at no extra charge if that helps.


Most made to order gowns take approximately 5 months to make and we like 6 – 8 weeks to carry out the fittings, so we would look to take measurements about 7 or 8 months before the big day.

Some brides now book last minute weddings and for those ladies we have a large selection of ‘off the peg’ dresses. Ex sample gowns at heavily discounted prices.

We have brides who chose their dress 3 years before the wedding and some who leave it to the wire to order (please try not to, it’s stressful for you and us!!)


At the end of the day, we are here to help each and every bride, whether you find ‘the one’ with us or not, we hope you will have a lovely experience with us.

Booking your appointment is crucial, get in touch with us today to get yours booked in. Our showroom is based in Wickford, if you need directions or anything else don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information on 01268 762775