Romantica Wedding Dresses

Regardless of your knowledge of weddings, there is nothing more important than choosing the right wedding dress. If you didn’t know already, there is one style that has been continuously sought after, which are Romantica wedding dresses. There is a good reason for it, they are perhaps one of the most beautiful types of dresses available, especially when you take a closer look at the details that are often unseen.

Who are Romantica?Audrey

Before we look into the Romantica wedding dresses, you must have a better grasp of the team behind the wonderful dresses. Debuting 30 new styles every season, this family-run and owned business have worked within the dress business for a considerable number of years, enabling for them to create the very best wedding dresses available on the market. As a business, they believe in old fashioned values, most notably value for money, hence the reason why they spend the time and effort that they do with creating their dresses. 

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Here at Serena Bridal, we currently have over 15 Romantica wedding dresses available, ranging from traditional ball gowns such as the Quincy, as well as the much more modern column dresses like the Romantica Katrina. To give you reference, our prices begin at £599 for order gowns, though we highly suggest taking a look at the entire Romantica collection so that you have the best opportunity to find the perfect wedding dress for your preferences. 

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Having said that, to gain the very best feel for all of our dresses, we suggest arranging an appointment with our team so that you can visit our very own bridal changing suite, enabling you to try on the most suitable Romantica wedding dress that we have available. Upon your visit, you can speak to one of our dedicated consultants who will be happy to confer about your desires so that we can recommend the ideal dress that we have available. If you are keen on simply speaking to one of our specialists before you visit, why not give us a call today on 01268 762 775?